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Connect your devices and servers to our network.


Developer Program

For innovative manufacturers and monitoring service providers who want to deliver new user experiences in security, fire, verification and building management applications. Making users lives safer and more productive and their businesses more profitable. 


Together we can connect our devices (Device to Device) to enable secure event transmission and remote service via our platform.


By enabling you to transmit data from your Cloud or pull data from ours (Cloud to Cloud), we can create new user experiences.


Enable your devices to connect to us using our design, but retaining your brand control.


Connect our Devices or Cloud Servers for secure IoT and new user experiences

Secure data

Using AES encryption with keys changed every day your transmissions are protected to the highest European Standards.

Alarm routing

Events delivered to our platform can be routed to any of our connected monitoring stations or a secure end point.

Cloud API

Connect your Cloud to our platform to deliver traffic from your devices across our network.

Remote service

Enable your servicing application to communicate with our servers, over our protocol for secure management of remote systems.

Connections API

Pull communications performance, diagnostic data and alarms from our databases. Push commands to remote devices for triggering outputs and reboots.

Mobile App

Send control signals from a mobile App via your Cloud and our API to systems using our devices for communications.


Developer program

WebWay CODE and our platform will help your business retain it’s brand control, build the user experience you want, whilst accessing the most extensive network of connected security installers, integrators and monitoring stations worldwide.

WebWay CODE Developer Program isn’t about simply linking our technology to yours. WebWay CODE is about sharing what we know with your hardware, mobile and server applications to build intelligent and secure IoT solutions for homes, businesses and the enterprise.

Our users data privacy is our number one priority. We do not share users private and personal data with any third parties outside the agreed supply and monitoring supply chain. We provide rules and guidelines as to how the data from the API is used and shared and can revoke access to the API at any time, as can our customers. All data transmitted via our devices is encrypted using AES128 with a daily key change managed by our servers for every connection.

Become part of our network, see who’s already connected.


Device to Device

CODE D2D is a collaboration between us to connect our device to yours. We send event data and diagnostics to our servers for routing to your application via our MCT API, to your application monitoring service provider or to our network of security monitoring stations. Connection can be via  serial data (RS232, RS485, TTL), USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi/other wireless protocol or a bespoke application interface).


Cloud to Cloud

CODE C2C allow you to securely access our databases to retrieve or push data to/from our systems. Manufacturers can connect their own Cloud Servers to us via API to enable Mobile Apps to communicate with remote devices. Service Providers can receive or extract events and performance data from our database to create custom services and reports. Commands can be sent to our device or integrated devices. All via our API’s and secure network. Our data set includes configuration, connection, diagnostics, performance and billing information. 


Our blueprint

CODE OEM allows you to manufacture our hardware design using our Pro, Mini or Nano solutions as the building block. We provide expert guidance during the physical design process, prototype assistance and testers. OEM devices connect to our servers enabling sharing of data via our API’s or routing your traffic to a third party monitoring service, or our network of connected security monitoring stations. 

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