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World leading alarm signalling and remote monitoring of alarm systems from WebWay

WebWay IP/GPRS is the world leading commercial and domestic alarm signalling solution, providing advanced security and fire alarm monitoring. Our secure alarm signalling solutions are designed for all types of security and alarm systems including intruder alarms, fire alarms, Adpro CCTV, equipment tamper and audio alarm systems.

Remote monitoring coupled with unique innovations in alarm signalling WebWay IP/GPRS, removes the need for telephone lines. Instead, the communicators use cutting edge software to send polls to the alarm systems in order to simultaneously securely monitor the network, send alarms and allow remote maintenance and servicing of the alarm panel.

WebWayOne introduces you to 3 revolutionary products for business, corporate, public sector and domestic risks.

1 - WebWay Signalling

We offer a secure alarm signalling system for intruder, fire, temperature, equipment tamper, Adpro CCTV and audio alarms.

2 - WebWay Managed Service

WebWayOne provides a unique managed service to protect communications by detecting faults and measure performance in any network with real time remote diagnostics.

3 - WebWay Remote Servicing

We also provide a secure, communications network for servicing alarm panels without call charges.

You only need one device to take advantage of these unique products, your WebWay Communicator.


WebWayOne has provided world leading communications solutions for ten years. Corporate customers include The Co-Operative Group, Dixons Group, Mothercare and The Post Office.

A WebWay device can be connected to any alarm panel and any network technology. For the best in alarm confirmation select WebWay IP/GPRS or WebWay GPRS/PSTN.

Alarm signalling, network monitoring, remote diagnostics and secure system servicing is unified into a single package, at a fixed price per annum.

WebWayOne provides the most robust signalling solution in the UK

In partnership with Telefonica O2 UK we provide access to 13,000 base stations throughout the UK.

Our polling servers are securely located in every major ARC, and they are always installed in pairs: for added resilience some of our partners have 3 or 4 clustered Linux servers. Polling is always direct from the Alarm System to the Alarm receiving Centre with no intermediate polling servers or engines. This improves reliability, resilience and security.

Every system provides real time statistics on every path. We can tell our clients which sites may need attention at all times. Availability calculations provide a clear measure of performance and are the lifeblood of our service from the major corporations and high-risk retailers to a single domestic installation.

Every path of every system is polled or checked for operation more than 1,200,000 times per week. Our network path checking on our current installed base handles 725 million polls a week. The WebWay system uses this data to manage every individual customer to ensure delivery of alarms in a few seconds and line attacks within a maximum period of 3.5 minutes.

All of our systems are dual path using either Broadband as the primary and GPRS as backup, or GPRS as the primary with PSTN as a backup. The WebWay system is unique with its encrypted and sequenced polling on every path of every network.

The following are the main features of our unique system:


All path monitoring is directly between the customer premises and the ARC.


ARC located ‘Dual Linux Servers’ with diverse routing for all GPRS and Broadband connections.


The WebWay ‘RoamingPLUS SIM’, providing access to all the alternative network providers if the O2 service is not available.


Our unique polling strategy assures automatic change over from Primary to Secondary enhanced polling should the Primary fail. As soon as the WebWay communicator at the customer site realises that a path is non-operational it will take action to operate as a single path ATS5 system until the path is restored.


WebWayOne provides 24/7 service to all our partners and continuous checking on all servers and communicators of every estate.


Our team of WebWayOne support engineers ensure a smooth installation and help configure the alarm panel to provide a serial connection for alarm delivery, remote UDL and automated remote maintenance, using IP and GPRS.